Busking for Santa: Hour 2

Today Pickle and I headed out to busk around 1:30. What a BEAUTIFUL day to sing! We met up with my friend Melissa who has been cruising the 7 Seas lately performing with her husband, but she is back in town for a bit and we got to sing together!

Pickle in her BUSKING WEAR

Pickle in her BUSKING WEAR

We had such a fun time harmonizing and trying to recall the words to Do you Hear what I hear? Which we never did.

Early on we saw a familiar face, a friend from our congregation dropped by and read our sign, but unfortunately his pockets were empty.  We saw lots of missionaries from our church walk by but it wasn’t certain if they made the connection that we too were LDS…mostly they just looked at us like we were a little crazy.

busk2Towards the end my friend Mary stopped by and joined in singing and that was so great to have 3 parts!

Our spot today was Lincoln Square. A lot of people passed us, but sadly we only earned $4.85

A nice homeless woman came and listened for several minutes and thanked us for sharing our light and “vibrations” (right Melissa?) and also offered to give my foot a medical massage. I passed.

Our new total is over $50!

A few people have expressed interest in donating to the campaign! It would be great to have pledges per hour sung or just flat donations, especially to make up for days like today. boo. If you are interested, just leave a comment and I will send you the paypal address and I will add to the total! THANKS!


3 responses to “Busking for Santa: Hour 2

  1. Count us in for $20

  2. what a fantastic idea!! I would love to help…please give me the pay pal info. Sing on!!

  3. Donation via paypal would be slick, I’d love to donate a few bucks to your quest!

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