My Loves


Tweeny Tweenikins

Being so sad that yet ANOTHER best friend is moving to South America. Seriously South America, what gives?

Watching you blossom

The independence!

Getting a great parent teacher conference report

Being so excited about your new pet fish and trying to incorporate him into the family.  He’s just a fish honey–he just stays in the bowl.

Reading the Hunger Games Trilogy in like a week.  You were so sick one day–I think it was because you wanted to stay in bed and finish Mockingjay.


Just wearing your sweat pants all the time

I often ask you: When is the last time you showered? And you can’t remember

Doing so well in school! Improving your reading!

Loving Soccer

declaring: I’m Jolly! and requesting jingle bell rock be played–that leading to  a discussion of who composed Jingle Bells. James Pierpont of Boston–thank you for that beloved carol

Going through EVERY SINGLE multiplication table —it was fun and watching your brain work when I told you 10’s and 11’s and 1’s and 0’s and 5’s are easy—-it took you a second to understand why!

Feeling nervous about the upcoming Carnegie Hall debut, working through the memorization with you.


We went to a dinner party and you just KNEW it was a party—you danced around and turned it ON




Puppy–you leave our apartment and point to the next door apt and say Puppy because you know they have  a new puppy!

When ANYTHING beeps in the house or when the toaster pops you get SO EXCITED

You press the message machine and love hearing any messages that are still on there.

So many messes

So busy

Running (away from me!)

Tantrums—I just let you lay on the ground and calmly walk away—so embarrassing for you–and I tell you that as I wait for you to get up and come back to reality.

The other day I said to the girls Ready, Set…..and Pickle came out of the bathroom and yelled—Do!  I didn’t even know she knew that.

It’s been fun watching you discover what nursery at church is all about. My favorite part is your face during singing time. You love it.  The chorister was late the first day so I was the opening act singing a song you had never heard before and you looked at me like I was the most amazing person you had ever seen.

Learning and using signs. You use MORE and THANK YOU quite regularly and just mastered FISH today!

When you realized that your FAMILY knew Ring Around the Rosies, you were so psyched–you made them repeat it over and over and over and over and over again….and then one more time


Your energy is so positive and high.  You are just a little energizer bunny go go going.

I was put on hold for another job and when it was released you were so relieved and said: yeah, you can’t go back to work right now.  That was too hard (the day I had my foot surgery and was away)

Being so dedicated and loyal…you have been gone many nights beginning this new calling.

listening to you negotiate when you work from home—wow you are the boss man


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