It was a VERY cold parade year.  Pickle has a lingering cough and I have my foot injury so after some debate we sent part of our posse off without us.  Apparently they had an AMAZING time while we stayed warm and watched it on the telly.

We had to try a new spot this year–first time in 12 years-because our old spot was overrun with BLEACHERS for blocks!

parade 1

When the parade crew returned they were so happy and proud of themselves for the amount of waving from celebs and confetti from clowns that they received.  Lolly was wearing her mossy oak and Si (from Duck Dynasty) gave her a little “point to his eyes, point to her” action from the float.

You know it’s a good parade when you are STILL vacuuming up confetti:

parade2Our craftivity and theme this year was inspired by A Beautiful Mess.  The flower crowns were so beautiful and a big hit with the lady guests.  I also tried my best to copy an outfit I saw on their blog.  I also searched the internet for thanksgiving images and was inspired to make these fortune cookies dipped in chocolate. Thank you INTERNET!

parade 3

We had a wonderful day of feasting and crafting and napping and game playing and football watching and friendship.  My 18 day cold decided to set up camp in my left cheek so I was struggling most of the day, but I got right on the antibiotics train the next day so hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

Many many thanks! So much gratitude!




One response to “Thanksgiving

  1. It sounds like a really fun day, especially having Si acknowledge Lolly! Isn’t this Fall cold the worst?!? I battled it for over 3 weeks in October and spent November still feeling run down. I’m hoping for a healthy, cold-free winter.

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