I ordered the family sorel boots for the season. I ordered a variety of sizes to make sure we had the right ones for everybody.  Mine were both too big which never happens.  The next size down they didn’t have in the color I wanted, but I ordered it any way to do a size check. Fit!

Then I scoured the internet and found them on Victoria’s Secret of all places for 50 bucks less! Woot!

The box came. I opened it. Inside were two shirts in sizes too big for me and two body washes.

The invoice for my boots was inside and my address was on the outside.

Where were my boots?

I called V. S and they looked into their system to see if they could send me some more but the size and color were gone!

I was seriously soooooooo disappointed. As I spent over a half hour on the phone trying to sort it out –really, sort WHAT out? My boots were gone, sent who knows where….I scoured the internet again. I Found the boots on other sites but only on sites where half sizes were not offered, which made me wonder about the sizing on every other site and why some had half sizes and others didn’t yadda yadda.  I ordered some off of nordstrom, a half size even less than what I had determined were my size and was rewarded a 15 dollar gift certificate for my time.  That’s about 50 cents a minute plus the pain of sending the box back plus the pain and suffering for not having my boots.  That was not enough.

I am seriously sad about it. First world problems.


*upon publishing there was 1 pair back on the zappos site, but alas 63 dollars MORE than those Victoria’s Secret ones. But at least I have the right size and the right pair coming! Now I need my foot to heal so I can wear them!


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