Fall Fair

I am still orienting myself to the school that Phoebe now attends.  Each fall they put on an amazing fair in which I was asked to help this year.  I was on the committee to create a Crystal Cave.  I could tell that the other parent in charge was sort of a solitary-in-charge type, so I didn’t offer up any creative suggestions…I just played the role of work horse.

My main task was to obtain the materials to sell in the crystal cave for the fair.

I journeyed out to long island to visit a mineral company.  It was a giant warehouse filled with rocks.  Very incredible.  I wasn’t interested in the subject of rocks and minerals at all (I would have much rather continued felting and knitting as my contribution).

I quickly learned that these elements have a power to them.  Touching them, interacting with them gave me a sense of universe and feeling grounded.  It is hard to describe but I really gained an appreciation for these things as I shopped for the items and delivered them to the school.

rocksAs or the cave…

I was only able to help out for a few hours on one of the set up days. When I left, this is what our cave was looking like:

cave 1And when I returned a few days later, it looked like this:

cave 2Yup, that is the same room. Many people who had been coming to the fair for years said this was the best they had seen in a long time.  Since I have never experienced the fair before, I had no idea what the goal was…so taking the work horse role was the right thing to do.

Behind those lights was a second mini cave with real live gnomes in it. Children could pay 4 tickets to visit the tiny gnome cave and have an experience with them and leave with a piece of quartz.

gnome cavePhoebe claims she looked LEAST man like even though she was wearing a beard.  I was just praying nobody had or was spreading lice as they took turns wearing the costumes.

We had a magical day. The whole school smelled of fall –apples, baked bread! The basement cafeteria was turned into an under water world complete with many a knitted sea creature.  The girls pooled their tickets to play games for points and won this:

IMG_7196Feeling a mother sense for this fish, I got right on amazon (oh it’s TOO EASY to buy things like a mattress a carseat a fish hotel in like 5 minutes on this amazon app contraption!) and 65 dollars later hopefully we can keep Banjo alive. Banjo was on the boy name list, so the girls thought it was time to use it. I hope he likes his new home.





One response to “Fall Fair

  1. Wow that is a really cool aquarium. I’m loving Phoebe’s school!

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