The Foot

After a long week of balancing jobs and school volunteering and everything else, it ended with a little foot surgery.

I had a cyst removed from my right foot on Friday.  I have been battling it since I trained for my first half marathon several years ago.  I had planned to have it removed in January but it popped and I thought delaying would interfere with my Derby half marathon training, so I waited until now.

foot(That surgeon had some sharpie art on his scrubs that looked just like the bones beneath!)  My surgeon signed my foot before we went in.

Baby is weaned and the deductible has been met, perfect time to sneak it in.

Surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery is so nice.  I felt safe and secure and like everybody knew what was going on.  It felt like a spa day.  It was so nice to wake up from anesthesia without my nose being packed!

The surgeon called Jason after and told him my cyst was gigantic.  So, I think I made the right choice in getting it removed.

Now it’s time for recovery. I am scared to take all the pain meds they prescribed me, so I am just going with a few ibuprofen here and there. Elevating my foot relieves a lot of the pain.  I am frustrated I won’t be walking normally for a while because of this dumb sandal boot thing.  It is NOT going to cut it, especially in the city and in the cold.  Gotta find a way around that challenge and fast.


One response to “The Foot

  1. I hope you are walking without pain soon! I can’t believe the cyst was gigantic! You’ve really put up with it well!

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