17 Months

My Pickle has now left the nest. She is totes on her own and basically gives me the time of day every few hours.  Sometimes she wants to hug a lot, sometimes she wants to kiss, but mostly she just wants to get into things.

Her personality is starting to unfold more and more. She really likes men and does all sorts of flirting and dancing and engaging with whichever man gives her a little attention. Thankfully this has helped me sit through some Sunday School classes without having to entertain her much.

She loves to tell me Bye Bye and blow kisses when she is off to make mischief.  She still has a variety of “Hi’s” Guilty Hi: she is getting into something she shouldn’t, Stranger Hi: she says hi over and over again until the stranger (usually on the subway) finally pays attention, or just says hi to passersby on the street, and Poopy Hi: she waves and says hello through a grunt while she poops.

Speaking of poop, she is just like her sister Lolly–always pooping in the tub.

17 months


Bye-bye (die-die)
Water (Wawer, Wawee)
Mommy (Nonny)
Daddy (said Hi Daddy once- that was cool)
Baby (Baba)
Go (do)
Bum Bum
Diaper (Bapa)
Hop-be (help!)

The other day I said to the girls Ready, Set…..and Pickle came out of the bathroom and yelled—Doh (go)!  I didn’t even know she knew that.

She continues to be a joy.  Her hair is growing like crazy town, so I trimmed it last week after her latest print job for Children’s Place–in which I think they MAYBE got one usable shot—she was not smiling or putting her hands in a very pretty pose. Ah well.


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  1. upper right hand corner…..!

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