One of the benefits of Jason becoming the Stake President a few weeks ago was the day we got to spend with both sets of Grandparents.  It is nice to catch up in person instead of over the interwebs.  It will be a while before we see them again so we tried to soak it in.

grandparentsGrammy taught Pickle to dance on the table.  She still tries to get up there and claps her hands on it as if to get us all going again for her tribal dance.  Pickle took to all the grandparents without a moments hesitation.  I love when my girls at a young age have that sense: this is family.



2 responses to “Grandparents

  1. All of your girls have had a quick sense of who their peops are and we are that: their peops! Wait…is it spelled “peeps” or “peops” haha. Either way…you get the point! AND we were so honored to be there.

  2. Kristy, we loved being there at that special time to see Jason set apart. The girls are simply adorable and we were soaked that up for the few hours that we were together. They are precious. We are looking forward to a longer stay in the very near future before Pickle starts talking clearly in perfect sentences. Our hearts were struck by her jibberish and toddler antics and we can’t wait for the next rendition of the Glass duet.

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