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WARNING: This post contains a lot of mormon lingo, and I tried to link to definitions where appropriate. Please ask questions in the comments, I will answer them the best I can!

This past summer my husband reached the 5 year anniversary of becoming the Bishop of our ward.  I jokingly posted on facebook this summer: I am so sad I will be on the road trip when my husband is replaced with a new Bishop.

That didn’t happen.

We recently had a Bishop in our stake receive a release after 10 years of serving.  I decided not to hold my breath.

This past weekend our stake held a conference and we had two very important visitors. President Gifford Neilsen (who recently spoke in general conference) and President Gordon Smith came to reorganize our stake, which meant a new stake presidency.

The process of choosing a Stake President involves interviewing many people, including current Bishops.  After a morning of interviews, the two General Authorities (named above) receive inspiration about who it is to be and extend the call.  Jason found out one month ago that he would be interviewed yesterday.

I spent the day going to a casting with Pickle and then cleaning the apartment—walls, baseboards, the dust under the washer–things I normally don’t clean.  We got a phone call in the afternoon to please return to the church.

The whole family piled in the van and an hour later we got back in, our future changed forever.

Jason was called to be the Stake President.  This is about a 10 year appointment.  It is serious business.

This once in a lifetime event is considered very special so we spent the afternoon making travel arrangements for both sets of parents and I cooked all afternoon.  Neither of us slept more than 4 or 5 hours that night and Sunday morning it was time.

I think we were both surprised at the volume of water pouring out of our eyes when the words were actually spoken.  We haven’t had spontaneous simultaneous crying probably since his mother passed away.  It was a very humbling experience to be in a room with hundreds of people — the most diverse county in America– the most diverse group of Mormons you ever did see (one of our translator head phones was in French Creole!)–and know that you had been chosen to lead.

We had a few minutes to bear testimony to this group of people.  I tried to be strong and share what I know is true.

Tonight I sit here typing this out and feeling exhausted and uplifted and rooted.  I don’t expect my husband to be home for another hour and so I just have to stay in the moment being grateful for my many blessings and looking forward to more trials and miracles in my life.

This weekend has certainly been one of the more meaningful of my marriage and my life and I look forward to processing it over the next few days.

Intoroducing President Glass:

DSC01098Here is an interesting article on Stake Presidents. The average age in the church is 46.6. Mitt Romney was 39 when he became Stake President.



20 responses to “Some News

  1. WOW! Don’t know whether or not to say congratulations or not, because I know this means a huge sacrifice on your families part, but I do know if he was called he will do a good job.

  2. So glad Dad and I could be there with you all to share in this meaningful experience.

  3. This is amazing. Good luck to you all over the next 10 years!

  4. Our prayers will be with you every single day as you embark on this calling. Jason is a great spiritual soul and an experienced leader. He has had to delegate and will continue to do so as he fills this sacred calling. You have much ahead as you become the family of the Stake President. Keep on biking & running Jason, the endurance races are ahead! Your Stake is about to be blessed with his service and sacrifice as well as yours. Wonderful blessings await you!

  5. Such a remarkable event in your family’s future….one you’ll never forget…enjoy the ride!

  6. Oh Kristy how exciting for ur family and for Jason! The girls must be over the moon!
    Are u the First Lady? ;)
    Congratulations, Catherine, Paige, and lily!

  7. We were thrilled to hear of your husband’s call. You two will bless the lives of everyone who lives in the Queens stake – members of our faith and those who are not. Many prayers being sent your way!

  8. I can hear your strength and support for Jason as I read this post. What an incredible journey you are now on. May blessings be poured on you!
    (P.S. I am the blog fan who met you at the Tuacahn :))

  9. OMG Kristy this sounds HUGE! Congratulations! I don’t know how much that will take Jason away from you and the girls but you being a lady of so many talents will find a beautiful creative way to live around it and support your husband! That is beautiful!!! Such blessed family you are!
    I just learned that my daughter’s best friend is also from a Mormon family and we will share the news with them!

  10. So proud of you, sister, and your whole perspective on all of this. Love you

  11. whoooo!!! I remember our very first Sunday in the ward was the day Jason got his calling as the Bishop. This is amazing, really.

  12. Wow! What an accomplishment, and it is wonderful family flew in so last minute to share in the momentous occasion. I’ve got to wonder as I read about your family and all that you do – how do you (and with this, Jason largely) fit it all in? My job is half as demanding and I can barely find time to teach Sunday School once a month and run a few miles a few days a week between work and the kids. Some people just never cease to amaze me with their energy!

  13. Congratulations Jason! Kristy, you are so proud! Thank you for sharing such special moments with us. Xoxo

  14. what will his responsibilities be?

    • OH my. I don’t even know the full scope yet….but in a basic way– He oversees the running of all of the congregations in our stake. A stake is a group of wards (congregations)…so he makes sure they are all running well and helps to work out any problems and of course promote spiritual growth and missionary work. He will have to organize the welfare and missionary efforts and meetings and trainings and interview people to receive temple recommends and the list goes on and on….. and on.

  15. Wow…congrats to your family! President Smith was formerly the good senator from Oregon. I always thought he was a wonderful person (despite being a Republican ;-), and it would be cool to interact with him in a spiritual setting. I hope the transition goes smoothly for you all.

    • I knew that Edler Smith was the senator. I met him at the Manhattan Temple Open house nearly 10 years ago. He spoke of some pretty crazy awesome experiences he has had as Senator. I really enjoyed interacting with him in this way.

  16. wow, this sounds like an amazing opportunity for your family! is the position a full-time job that requires jason to leave his current one?

    • All church callings are strictly volunteer with few exceptions. The church EMPLOYS people, but this is not a paid position. He will now have to juggle work, family and a large church calling.

  17. Oh my goodness Glass family! What a change! While reading, I just kept thinking about how my sister-in-law talks about the blessings they received when she was a teen and her Dad was stake preseident. She was raised in Miami and she says there were so many times Heavenly Father obviously had a hand in raising them as a result of the work their Father was busy and gone doing.

    Good luck…you are all rock stars!

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