My Loves


Saying HI, as you are getting into trouble.

You have Guilty Hi and then I’m Pooping Hi.

Carrying around a pencil and a post it pad and writing on it, and then sometimes writing on the wall

Body butter EVERYWHERE


We searched for Lolly’s shoe only to find it in the washer, where you had put it.

tottling around in your TOO BIG fleece footsie Jam Jams….you are too adorable.


You think you can just demand food out of the refrigerator now.

So brave at the ER—HATING the pulse ox finger thingy SO MUCH—being so offended when the stethoscope even came NEAR YOU

Bad breath.

You climbed all the way to the top of the big kid slide. I was at the bottom and you pushed off all by yourself. Another mom with a similar aged baby I could tell, was freaking out inside. BRAVE!

You were loving trick or treating until you got your hands on a red lollipop and then it was all over.


Mom…I have a goal…I want to be more accountable.

Walking through Central Park each day—whenever you complain I try to come up with something to distract you. One of my favorites was when we took turns filling in I’m Grateful for______ for over a half hour

Phoebe told me that instead of putting your clothes away, you put them in a bag in your room. When I confronted you about it you said: That’s my LAZY BAG. I said I was okay with you having a LAZY BAG as long as it was empty by allowance day each week.

Loving soccer and starting to have a lot of interest in sports.

Just wanting to PLAY GAMES with your family all the time.

Loving Soccer, wanting to play ALL THE SPORTS (oh you so have the wrong mother)

Loving certain dinners and STILL being full with a mere 3 bites.


Wanting to have a family meeting about our Halloween Plans each week at FHE.  Sorry I am not more enthusiastic! I have so many things to do!

I asked you to empty the dishwasher and you complained the whole time at how bad the dishwasher is, because everything was still so dirty. You proceeded to hand wash everything as you put it away—I still don’t know if they were actually clean or not.  I reran it with the few remaining items that were left and of course the dirty dishes in the sink.

The transition from: “There’s a clique”….to “I am in the center of  the friendships!”  Let’s hope you can still stay positive and navigate those friendships well.

Being so brave to go to the Farm for an entire week by yourself.  I Found myself in the neighborhood while you were gone and stopped by. I ran into one of your friends who said you had just been stranded, which means: She was blind folded and left on a mountain and had to find her way back with a compass” you did that?

First Boyfriend. Heaven help me.


Being so frustrated with our girls and their shenanigans, but always telling me you love me as you walk out the door

Planning a Carnegie Hall String Quartet date!

Supporting my Brooklyn Craft Camp adventure.

Real Life Conversation:

Me: You know, I just really struggle when unexpected things happen. I get very stressed out when something happens at the last minute that I wasn’t planning on and it’s very difficult on me.

J: I’m sold on the mattress. I like it.

What the?

sidenote: we ordered our new mattress on Amazon Prime after reading reviews…ordered it THROUGH the phone ON a road trip about 8 weeks prior to that comment.

And folks, it is happening all the time now where I think he said something or I think I said something or I feel like we had a conversation and he totally denies it and I don’t think I am going crazy, I think HE is THINKING ABOUT OTHER THINGS WHILE I’m TALKING.

Taking off work so I could do a job…taking Pickle to a casting and describing her “performance” as STOIC.


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