Family Photo

fam picWe had our family photos taken recently. I am worried that we are too matchy.  We ended up with a HEART/LOVE theme. Pickle’s overalls started it. They were too adorbz and had a heart pocket and heart metalware. Then came Phoebe’s heart print pants and then my LOVE necklace and then Lolly’s LOVE sweatpants—and she’s all–WHY AM I WEARING SWEATPANTS FOR THE FAMILY PICTURE?

I don’t know! because!

And Jason reluctantly agreed to wearing a plaid shirt that had a pinkish stripe in it–you can’t even see it….

shirt sidenote: I bought it for around 70 bucks at banana rep…they sent me home with a 40% off a single item coupon to use the next day…so I bought it again with my rewards from my old navy card and spent 31 dollars and then returned the original one. dumb. and cool.

Lolly was also mad because we were both wearing pink pants so we never got to stand next to each other.

Is Pickle’s hair bow too big?

I hired Lolly’s friend to baby wrangle the Pickle and she totally earned her 5 bucks.  Well, I’ll know if she earned her 5 bucks after I see the results won’t I?

It was Central Park on a Saturday which is madness. I had no idea. It is absolutely mad on Saturdays in Central Park.  I usually frequent CP during the week, so I wouldn’t know.

Here’s to a family photo that stands the test of time.  Let it be known we are looking this in 2013 and may have been too matchy. Ah well.




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