On the Farm

farm 1When we were making decisions about where to send Phoebe to middle school, it came down to two contenders.  At the first school, the 6th grade travelled internationally. I think they had just gotten back from China.  That school also had a pool.  The second school we preferred for many reasons, but telling Phoebe–hey you get to go to a farm!-wasn’t exactly reaching that pedestal Phoebe had put the other school on.

farm 2Phoebe spent an entire week on a farm with her classmates! They slept there, ate there, did farmy things and had a wonderful time.  I Found myself in the neighborhood of the farm while she was there so I stopped by for all of 5 minutes. I saw a few of her friends that told me: Phoebe has been stranded…which means she is in the mountains with a compass and a blindfold and has to find her way back.


Also, sidenote–the farm had quite an odor to it, and that odor came back WITH Phoebe.

farm 3She also went caving and part of that included wading through shoulder high water. Ew and I was so proud of her!

farm 4She grew up a lot on this trip.  She loved it. She wants to go to summer camp at the farm.  Here she is with one of her new BFF’s who is moving to South America in a week.  Wonderful.


2 responses to “On the Farm

  1. That little polka dot coat was such a star in the Iceland Adventure pictures and will forever more never be the same! So proud of this granddaughter of mine.

  2. What a wonderful experience for her!!

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