Run for Your Lives

z1Saturday morning the girls and I headed to the RUN FOR YOUR LIVES 5K in Brooklyn. It was cool because it got us in the Halloween spirit and it was a fundraiser for Brain Disease Research.  We were Stumblers, so we manned a section of the race as zombies.z2The runners would approach and we would try to grab their flags so that they would die.  It was hard to get the flags- they were so fast, and by the time they got to us, they had learned a thing or two about dodging zombies.

z3Lolly got really good-I think she ended up with 25 flags. One runner said:” I can’t believe I just got killed by a 9 year old!”  We had a great time. I was so sore the next morning—who knew grabbing for flags would be a great upper arm and buttocks workout!  I am regretting putting the glue on my face, my forehead is still pretty irritated several days later.


One response to “Run for Your Lives

  1. Oh, fun! I did not realize your role in this….I thought all the runners were Zombies. This is more fun, I think.

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