Halloween 2013

hallow 2This year was all about Duck Dynasty. It is Jason’s favorite show.  It was his idea, and a great one it was!  If you are unfamiliar, click on over and get familiar already. please.

This is Willie:



This is Willie:hallow 3

This is Willie with Korie:



So is this:

halow 7This is the whole clan (the girls wanted to play the GRAND KIDS in an episode where they go out hunting, Pickle did not weigh in, I decided she would be a duckling–too cute to shoot!)

hallow 4

She was so cute, she had many boys kissing her and asking her to dance…she was VERY popular with the boys.hallow 5

She loved all the action, and I was SO HAPPY she kept her costume on, as getting it ON HER, if filmed, might have been excellent blackmail material for me.hallow 6

Trick or Treating went well until she discovered this red lollipop, then it was all over.hallow 8

We love Theme Costumes….way better than just doing your own thing:hallow 47Thank you Martha for the costume tutorial and Ravelry for various patterns that I pieced together for the hat, and ebay for everything else.



2 responses to “Halloween 2013

  1. Just when I think you have the best family themed Halloween costumes ever….the next year rolls around and it is even better then last year’s!

  2. I love that the little boys couldn’t get enough of Pickle!

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