On Clutter

Oh! My LIFE! My emails! I just spent the past hour deleting every single email.  I have had a few moments like: Ooh….what about???

But I am just letting it go. There can’t be anything SO IMPORTANT in my email box if I haven’t looked at 44 thousand emails!

I also want to declutter my apartment.  I just don’t have time.

Here’s why:

I had a baby!  And this is why I like to have space between babies.  See? She’s 16 months old and I am finally coming up for air/sleeping through the night/looking around.

Guys, I don’t think I have washed my makeup brushes for EVER. And there is dust under every appliance that you would expect to find dust, and that is where these tiny little brown bugs are making eggs and having babies and I need to eradicate them! Cleaning out the emails, cleaning out the bugs, cleaning the makeup brushes.

Too much. Too much.

Everything’s gotta go.  I need to set aside time on the calendar and just get rid of everything. This is why moving is such a great idea, it forces you to pack up your stuff and get rid of junk you never even remember owning!  Junk. Junk. Junk.


Get rid of the bad relationships, facebook friends you can’t even place—you are???  bad habits bad food bad energy.

Clean Clean Clean.

But don’t touch my yarn stash. Back away.


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