Sheep and Wool Festival

sw3Ariel and I went to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck this weekend. The drive up was SO BEAUTIFUL.  Every time I visit the Hudson Valley my desire to have a house there exponentially grows.

The animals were SO CUTE. I want an Alpaca, stat.

sw 1I am always fascinated by these people who raise animals! What is there life like? Where did they come from? We met a boy whose family has “36 or 37” sheep on their property because they just love them–it’s not there job, they don’t make money, they just have them.

sw 2Believe it or not, I did not buy ONE skein of yarn.  I am trying to get through all the uncompleted projects I have first. I REALLY REALLY wanted this green Ombre Gradient Set 2 from Cephalopod (which was only $92 at the festival doh!)…but I passed.

I saw a few vendors from the sleep away camp Phoebe is attending this week.  It was great for me to touch base with them and feel it out. Her experience is going to be amazing.  Here are some of the offerings from the farm where she is going to be adventuring:

sw4Wool– I love you.





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