I have had the honor of attending not one but two concerts at Carnegie Hall this past month.

The first was date night with Jason and me as we attended Sphinx Virtuosi.  What a fantastic group of performers. I was truly moved by their music, especially a composition by their resident composer, Jessie Montgomery.

Did you know that less than 5% of the top Symphony Orchestras in the USA are made up of NON-WHITE performers?  And there are none on the boards of any of these orchestras?  It is a crazy thing to think about… the Founder of Sphinx gave an inspiring and riveting speech about the need to reach out to these kids who have talent and need instruction.

We had a great time….go see Sphinx if they are coming your way…they still have a few dates left this year.

Our second concert, was The 5 Browns. We took the girls to see this family of pianists.  It struck home for us because not only did they all go to Juilliard, which is in our city, but they are also Mormon.  Plus their gowns were AMAZING and designed by Zac Posen (of Project Runway, one of our favorite shows).  We read that they played for one of his runway shows.

And then of course they are beyond any description when it comes to talent and level of performance. I loved the way they position their pianos.

carn 3My Daughter just grew up over night dontchya think?

carnThough they both nodded off and we had to ditch out a bit early, it was a great first time to Carnegie Hall experience.

carn 1



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