16 Months Old


My Pooky is 16 Months old!  The time flies by so quickly.  Pickle is getting so curious and independent. She really loves finding little places to sit.  One of her favorite spots is this ledge in my bathroom that divides the shower from the rest of the bathroom.  She sits here and keeps me company when I am doing bathroom things.

16 A


This hiding spot makes me so nervous…that mirror is going to come down on her one of these days—no more accidents Pickle!

16EI took her to her first Pumpkin Patch for her 16 Month celebration! Thank you Target!  Jason said that she said her version of Pumpkin the other day.

16FPickle thinks everybody is here for her.  She helped the girl at Pinkberry, and sat right down next to these waiting nannies to have a little conversation with them.16CThe subway commute is getting trickier. I often use the stroller, but when I don’t, she just fights to get out of the ergo.  She loves the EYE game.

Words: Daddy, Mommy, Ball, Go, Water, Uh-Oh, Bye-Bye, Hi, Eye, Teeth.

She understands SO MUCH now….knows where many body parts are, obsessed with sticking her finger in her belly button, finds her bow and wants it in her hair, loves to eat, loves playing in the sand and on the playground.  She loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider, especially the GREAT BIG SPIDER verse.  She often finds her big sister’s toothpaste and toothbrush and walks around the apartment with them….brushing her teeth and holding the toothpaste. She loves to draw, and this past month has drawn a beautiful picture on the wood floor with a sharpie, a pencil sketch on the wall and made some art with Coconut Body Butter smeared all over herself and the floor.  Her latest interest is Dinosaurs and pushing buttons of any kind.

We had our first trip to the ER this past weekend.  I learned a new word: Stridors.  My Pickle was attacked by the croup in the middle of the night, but the wonderful Pediatric Doctors helped her get better by morning.  Oh my Pickle, stay alive please!

We love you too much.


2 responses to “16 Months Old

  1. Pickle…the best gift to your family! Please share the Great Big Spider verse. How in the world did I not learn it?

    • It’s just much bigger—instead of tiny fingers it’s loud clapping cupped hands and the rain is more like a downpour and you use a big scary voice. Followed by the TEENY TINY spider in a high pitched voice and everything becomes much smaller.

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