I Sew: Halloween Skirt

I got this ridiculous Halloween fabric on sale at Gem Fabric Store (which has since gone out of business ….boo) and finally I knew what to make with it!

A skirt for Pickle! I also had some pom pom trim left over from a pom-pom scarf I had made, so it was made even more festive. I followed this tutorial!

halloween skirt


7 responses to “I Sew: Halloween Skirt

  1. Jackpot! I LOVE it!

  2. She won’t stop dancing with pom pom trim!

  3. Helen Knowles

    Very cute – Pickle is getting so big!

  4. i just want to snuggle that lil face!!!

  5. so cute!!

  6. I don’t know if we met, we might have. I used to serve with your mom in the young womens when we lived in her ward. And I know my mother in law knows you, Marlys Moon. Anyways, I follow your moms blog and came across yours when she joined you on your road trip. I just want to say that I really enjoy reading your blog and when I read about weaning your youngest it gave me the courage to wean my little boy and it too has made him a better sleeper. Anyways you seem like a wonderful mother and I know you are from stories I’ve heard from your mom.

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