Brooklyn Craft Camp

bcc1Angela and I have been wanting to go to Brooklyn Craft Camp for a long time.  We REALLY wanted to go in the spring, but it didn’t work out.  This fall we had the opportunity to make our dreams come true.  We were pretty psyched to be campers at the Brooklyn Craft Camp in Greenpoint!

bccWe made suede tassels that became earrings and keychains and necklaces. We made embroidered change purses and felted creatures. Sarah from Pom-Poms came and taught us how to make these felt brooches.  My favorite was the terrarium.  See? That’s Jason and me now and Jason and me later.

bcc 2The DIY nailbar was cool. Jessica from U don’t need a man, U need a manicure taught us how to do our nails!

nailsAngela and I were EXHAUSTED after a day of crafting, but I think we both agree, we would totally do it again.

bcc4Did you know that Brooklyn Craft Camp is part of Brooklyn Craft Company?  They have an indiegogo campaign that you should really contribute too.  I’m trying to get a job teaching there!



2 responses to “Brooklyn Craft Camp

  1. Hi, cute crafts! I have a rather random question…a while ago you shared a video of Pickle’s birth that featured a beautiful song. Do you mind sharing the name & artist? Thank you!

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