Fiber Arts: Parent Volunteering

I have been volunteering at my kids’ schools for years now, and I have finally found MY KIND OF PARENT VOLUNTEERING.


Will you please make felted dolls and knit face towels?

Yes, yes I will.  Here is my first face towel.  I love that they provide AWESOME wool/linen and needles too—they are my kind of people!


I love Phoebe’s new school, and I will happily make whatever they want!

I think my felting needs work, but I tried REALLY hard.


fiberarts 2

I designed their clothes too.  My first time.

I hope they sell at the fall fair. I might have to buy them.


3 responses to “Fiber Arts: Parent Volunteering

  1. Our BFFs from NoVirginia were constantly felting stuff and they were a Waldorf family. LOVE the Waldorf approach… hope Phoebe is enjoying her experience! I wish it was available at the public school level for more kids to experience.

  2. PS Your felted people turned out really good! Felting is HARD!

  3. I don’t need you to post my comment…just want to say how happy I am about this new school! And I love your dolls…the little brown one would be my favorite. I think this would be a splendid activity for Anderson 2014! That’s all.

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