Electric Run

A few of my besties ran the Electric Run last month.  It was quite an experience.  We decided we are on the cusp of being “too old” for this event, as we smelled both cigarette AND marijuana smoke IN THE CORAL at the starting line. Also, I found the music to be a little….loud.

electric run

I had picked up our packets the day before, and the folks I saw in line to pick up packets didn’t exactly match the people I saw at the race.  People were dressed fantastically crazytown.  We just wore sparkle skirts, and I added a little neon pink eye makeup!

erun 2

That being said, the run itself was very exhilarating.  At first, all my senses had to adjust to the DARK.  At one point I tripped and almost TOTALLY bit it–so glad I didn’t!  It was very fun to see what cool LIGHT TRICK was coming up next.  So many people stopped for photo ops along the course.  I only snapped a few because my team wanted to actually RUN (we were in the minority!)

I loved the water station the best!

erun 3


2 responses to “Electric Run

  1. What a blast!!!! You look great and the water station is to die for. Love that!!!

  2. If I were to start running competitively (any race hahah), I think this one would be perfect for me.

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