Back to School Craft

Transitioning to a new middle school is emotional!  That first week for Phoebe was difficult.  I approach most painful situations in my life with meditation in the form of fiber arts.  This always helps me to focus and see things more clearly.

One afternoon, it came to me that she needed to keep her hands and heart busy while she worked through her feelings.  We decided to make special magnets for each of the girls in her class, to hang in their lockers.  We worked hard for hours at this and she picked out a color scheme for each girl.  It was therapeutic for all of us.

A few days later she hid them in each girl’s locker and they were well received. It was the perfect thing to do that first week of school.



2 responses to “Back to School Craft

  1. I have had Phoebe on my mind since school started, wondering how she is adjusting to middle school and all the craziness of that time of life. You were so intuitive to turn her thoughts toward giving & creativity. At first glance I thought those were baskets of like colored yarn. Magnets? Those are adorable. I am sure that when each girl sees them each day their bond with Phoebe will be stronger, they will feel of her love!

  2. I love this a lot. Super thoughtful and productive instead of encouraging self-pity. I’ve gotta keep this in mind…

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