The Shore

Blue Lilly asked our family to be the subjects of a photoshoot session for their Go Pro class.  I agreed of course!

We had never been to “the Shore” before.  Turns out my Mom used to vacation at Ocean City every summer when she lived in Philly.  That is where we stopped on the way to our photoshoot!  It was a lovely little boardwalk.  We enjoyed looking around and getting a snack or two before heading to Cape May.

ocean citynjI was pretty psyched about how the styling for our shoot turned out.  It was a tiny bit cool, so Pickle didn’t last long before the lips turned blue and the goose pimples showed up, so we wrapped her in a towel, that thankfully kind of matched the color scheme!  Phoebe thought it was child abuse, and whispered that to me through clenched teeth more than one time.  Jason declared he hated every minute of it and Lolly and I had the best time ever.

It was intense having 20 cameras in our faces…here is a pic of just about half of them.

It’s interesting because we have received photos from about 3 of the photographers so far.  Each has a slightly different spin on The Glass Posse.

My favorites from Black Room Photography in Seattle WA:

GoPro Cape May Family20130921_0071-3
GoPro Cape May Family20130921_0138-2
GoPro Cape May Family20130921_0186My favorite from Amy Fraughton in Gilbert, AZ:

amy fraughton photographyMy Favorites from Reyna Malley (soon to be Red Kite Photography) in Chicagoland:

IMG_5687Jason and my outfits were both too big, but Top Stick is such a miracle, you would NEVER KNOW!  Lolly was SOOOO in her element–she may have a future.  I can’t wait to see more!

Sidenote: I think I am getting pretty good at styling!


One response to “The Shore

  1. Lolly’s cap is pretty much the best thing ever. It could have its own photoshoot and be a roaring success. The Lolly photos are all my faves.

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