My Loves


A women stepped over a grate that blew her dress up and you saw her bear bottom and thong.  You were so horrified as you had never thought of: “underwear that gives you a wedgy!?” Your reaction was priceless.

Me: Why do the toothpicks keep ending up in the bathroom?
L:I’m using them to clean my teeth
Me: aren’t there other tools you can use–that the orthodontist gave you?
L: Mom, they’re TOOTHPICKS! I’m picking at my teeth.
Me: Point taken

Sitting down to do your DRA (reading homework) and saying out loud in a whimsical tone: REFLECTION. It made us both giggle.

My eyebrows are sweating.

Telling Dad: I have a secret..and admitting to watching your disney shows on the iPod too late in your bed.

L: Guess where meatballs are made?
Me: Like, country of origin?
L: yes
Me: Italy
L: no
Me: Russia
L: starts with an S
Me: Slovenia
L: Ends with land
Me: Sland
L: Sweetland!
Me: Sweden?

Spelling Avocado: Allvacato


Oh! This tween thing is KILLING ME. I look at you and see a grown woman half the time.  The other day in Primary you stood up and looked like a visitor in a childrens class.

Finding THE PERFECT BLAZER after searching many places–you held out, and it was so worth it

Showing courage everyday, going to a new school.

Being dissappointed about missing recess, because you love it!

When I asked you about main lesson, you repeated it back to me in great detail–I was very impressed.

Loving that new cell phone. a lot.

Watching you interact with your classmates was great–you are fitting right in, whether you think you are or not.

Your enthusiasm for the games, especially tug of war at school was pretty awesome.

Being excited to have just you and me night when Lolly had a sleepover.  Sorry I couldn’t stay up later. Glad you like Downtown Abbey as much as I do.


You both sat with tears in your eyes as you listened to your Dad give a talk in church about the role of women in his life.  It was a beautiful moment for our whole family and completely unexpected.


You hit us and then you laugh. Oh we are in for it.

Refusing to be fed, you MUST hold the fork/spoon yourself and feed YOURSELF

Doing such a great job with the cold turkey weaning. It was harder on me than you in the end

Weaning you has helped you take many strides! You are growing up. I love how you tuck in to breakfast each morning with your waffle, milk and blueberries and little fork.

You are so social. Watching you walk around Central Park like a little drunken sailor saying hi to everyone who passes you is a beautiful example of non judgement and unconditional acceptance.


Being so offended when I told you that I had done my best to fix the door (duct tape) because I knew you weren’t handy and didn’t have time and then you just went and properly fixed it and REALLY wanted me to acknowledge it

Being so concerned about punctuality every second.


Running 4 miles after 8 weeks of virtually no exercise.


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