Mormons in Queens

IMG_3809There was a street fair a few Saturdays ago.  Lots of people were selling jewelry, corn on the cob and underwear.  We were selling Jesus!


This is Jason and his Bishopric.  Jason has been serving as the Bishop for 5 years, wanna know what he has been up to?IMG_3815Did you know that there are Mormons in Queens?  Actually, there are Mormons ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Being a Mormon has been going pretty good for me so far, I highly recommend it.


4 responses to “Mormons in Queens

  1. Love this idea! I am the public relations specialist for our ward and I am going to suggest this idea to the stake. Maybe we can take a booth at the county fair.

    • I felt like we could have made the booth really awesome. I tried singing to get attention, but it was short lived as it was just me and a friend joined in, but nobody else did. It could be very great if more planning went into it.

  2. Way to spread the Good Word! Chalk art was a nice touch!

  3. In reply to kelleyn:
    something that I have found to be extremely effective at booths like this is if you can somehow set up a tv that plays videos and have small things that people can grab quickly – you will get a lot of attention! Everybody looks at screens

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