byu 6

For the past few years we have made it a point to go to a BYU football game, usually the weekend before school starts.

When we heard that the first game of the season was in Viriginia, attending this game was a no-brainer.  6 hours in the car? No biggie.

We hopped in the fancy GMC Acadia (to be honest with you, I find my van MUCH more comfortable) so that the Bigs could zone out to the DVD player and Jason could feel comfortable in his leather seats…and we were off!

Once we arrived, we checked into our hotel.  Jason went to get the bags and didn’t return forever.  Come to find out, he had dropped his keys in the car and couldn’t find them for 25 minutes–oh the frustration!

My friend Ann and her family met us in the lobby so that we could see each other (I had never met her 3 kids!) and eat together.  This is me in her wedding over 10 years ago!  Don’t you think I should cut my hair like that again?

bridesmaidIt was chaos eating lunch with 6 littles, but at least we got to spend an hour or two together.

annWe then walked a long way to try to find Cougartown. We knew that it was sold out, but wanted to get a feel for the BYU fans anyway. Once we had walked for quite some time, word on the street was that it wasn’t worth it to try to see it, because it was all blocked off. I don’t know if that was true, but we were hot and ready to be done walking. Into the stadium!

byu1It was a beautiful stadium.  We were HIGH up at the top and I have to say, I’m getting older, I lost track of the ball, a lot.  This is probably old news, but JUST when we were getting settled into the game, the entire stadium was evacuated for lightening, which turned into lots of rain.


We sat here like this for several hours in a nearby building–Einstein Bagels would have made a KILLING that day.  Once the rain let up, we transferred our waiting to outside, where we saw a very tall man…see? He’s taller than Jason.  We couldn’t get back into the stadium and Pickle was getting hungry.  I ventured into enemy territory, approaching tailgaters with a request for some morsels for my baby, and they were happy to oblige.

byu 2Finally we got back in (nice white butt photobomb!).  Just as we were getting settled, the rain started again.  We watched a little bit more on a teeny tiny screen under shelter of the stadium.  Eventually we called it quits.

It was a long walk home in the dark.

We settled into our room which had one bed and a pullout couch.  This being a BYU football game, all the pack n plays in the hotel had already been claimed (I totally would have brought my own if I had thought of this ahead of time).  I requested several pillows to provide a floor barrier for the baby as she would be sleeping with Jason in the pullout couch bed. I was on day 5 of weaning, so I knew the temptation would be too much for her if we slept together.

I made the couch bed with the sheets and when I returned to put Pickle down, it was covered with ants.  Jason soon discovered more ants nearby on other furniture.


It was late, we were tired, it had been an EXHAUSTING game experience.  I suggested I drive us home, but he refused.  I stayed very kind and patient with the manager though my frustration was building.  She got us into a new room with 2 double beds (no ants) and comped us the room.  The extra pillows were a blessing as Pickle did indeed plummet to the floor around 2 am.

I think BYU lost.





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