15 Months Old

We made it to 15 Months!  This past month has been a HUGE one for Miss Pickle.


She has 8 teeth with 2 emerging molars and a 3rd swelling up her gums.  She uses about3 to 5 words depending on the situation–her favorite is still Hi! with Uh-oh and Daddy being tied for second.

She has been working on walking and showing some good progress since our trip to Iceland. Yesterday, she decided was the day she would LET GO.  I giggled the entire day as I saw her wobbling around the corner behind me.  We are collectively SO PROUD of our Pickle for finally getting it all to click!


The biggest step for both of us this past month is the cold turkey weaning.  The morning we got home from Iceland I told her: this is it.  It was a horrible and painful week for me emotionally and physically, but she seemed to do just fine.  She doesn’t even ask for it anymore.

Since then she has become very independent in her eating, insisting on using a fork for every meal, even if it’s a bowl of blueberries, she pierces each one with her fork and then puts it in her mouth.  She has also slept SO MUCH better.  I feel way more rested now that I am not nursing.


Seeing her grow is the most devastating and joyful experience I have had.  I love seeing her change and develop and I mourn the loss of my tiny.  I am so happy I had her.  She brings so much joy to so many people.


6 responses to “15 Months Old

  1. That video….too cute.

  2. Darling girl. Darling video.

  3. I love hearing her progress, wow some good changes. You are a Mother that truly appreciates and respects her big and little children. How blessed they are because of your love. Way to be a great example of Motherhood!!
    I’ve been in withdrawal as I miss your daily adventures on the road. That was so much fun to share with you this summer!

  4. lisazanderson

    Be still my heart.

  5. girl, i always cry when i read your blog. mostly in a good way. :)

  6. Absolutely love the pics!

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