Iceland: I Knit!

It’s true, a lot of Icelanders ACTUALLY wear the hand-knit Icelandic Wool Sweaters.  It’s not just a tourist trap.  They wear them….and also they wear blankets.

woolIt still wasn’t enough to get us to pull the trigger on the 100-200 dollar sweaters. I just didn’t see us ACTUALLY wearing them enough to make it worth it.  We did try several on at the thrift store and honestly those were much cuter than the selection in most of the stores, but even at half the price, we couldn’t do it.

Instead, we picked out some lopi and I let the girls design their own item for me to knit.  I think they will get much more wear out of these…and their ears will NOT be cold, that is 100% certain.

Their designs were inspired by items we saw in Icelandic Wool Shops, so it is as authentic as we can get.

1Here’s Lolly’s creation:

Image 4 Image 5

Here’s Phoebe’s:Image 2 Image 3 Here’s mine:

purseI knew I wanted to try the Icelandic technique of multi-color patterns.  I also knew I did not want to make or wear a sweater, so this purse was the perfect project. I picked it before I even left, so that I knew exactly what to buy.


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