Iceland: Vik

As I was preparing our trip for Iceland I kept hearing about the Black Sand Beaches.  I wanted to go very much so that I could see the black sand and hopefully some puffins.  I realized that it was past the puffin season, but I was still hopeful!

When we got there, it had been a very long day in the car–we had already stopped at Selfoss and Skogar.  In Vic I was excited about seeing the wool factory.  When we found it, I was underwhelmed by what I was seeing, so we skipped the tour and just focused on lunch. After our asparagus soup and spaghetti with ketchup, we finally headed to Dyrholavegur to see the black sand.

It was cold.

IMG_8887Lolly and I hopped out for a minute to explore.  We loved how soft the sand was.  I loved the green against the black.  Apparently we really missed out, check out these beautiful images of this beach.






Pickle’s coping mechanism for Iceland was to be loopy as much as possible. During this stretch, she was in rare form:IMG_2198Missing out on the full black sand adventure is one of the many reasons why we need to return to Iceland.


2 responses to “Iceland: Vik

  1. You saved the best image for last……..she’s irresistible!

  2. Thank you for showing these images from your trip. It looks like it was a great experience for everyone. It looks really interesting. It is a different culture.
    Thnaks again. So proud.

    Love, Dad

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