Iceland: Skogar

We took our first day trip around the ring to Skogar to see the museum.  We started out going the wrong way for about 20 minutes.  The signs in Iceland are hard to decipher and not completely clear cut.  It’s like you kind of have to know what’s going on to be successful, or learn by making mistakes.  I was pretty frustrated that I had navigated us north instead of south, but I got over it.

After a detour to Selfoss, we finally made it.  The museum was perfect and everything I wanted it to be.  I loved seeing the way they lived back in the 1800’s.  Jason was way too tall to be Icelandic.

skogar 1

Lolly is wearing a BUFF in this photo. ALL the kids were wearing them.  They’re pretty cool–you can wear them 16 different ways.

I LOVED the colorful and painted furniture pieces.skogar 2

This church!skogar 3

The green in this country blows my mindskogar 4Above is the new solution to our growing family…beds, beds, beds.skogar 5The variety of fiber arts in this museum was bananas….I was so inspired!


One response to “Iceland: Skogar

  1. Very neat! Nice fiber art.

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