A few days ago I left the house and took a breath. When the weather is the way it was that day, it brings me right back to 2001, September 11.  Today the weather is NOTHING like it was all those years ago, but a few days ago, it was a replica.

I didn’t mention to my family that it was September 11th this morning. I just hold it in my heart and take the day to remember and count my blessings.  I usually watch the msnbc living history of the coverage.  My experience was watching a morning show that day and so re-watching it seems like the best way to remember.

This year I am posting this picture.  I am 4 months pregnant, in costume as Mabel in the Pirates of Penzance. I had been playing that part up to Sept. 9th, 2001 at the Folger Theatre.  My life had centered around the Washington DC Target area just 2 days before it all happened.

The overwhelming feeling I felt that day was this: What sort of world am I bringing this baby into?

sept 2011GLASS, Handle with Care is what that little sign says.  I’m trying to handle these little Glass Girls with the best care I can give them.  Here’s to healing and moving forward and never repeating that day again.



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  1. amen.

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