Back to School

I interrupt this Iceland blogging to FINALLY bring you the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

On Friday night we got new haircuts!

IMG_3440Then after an epic (I realize I over use this adjective) fashion show with some new fall fashions we got at Target, H & M and Old Navy, we were ready to go.

back to school fashion

Today was the first day of 3rd and 6th grade

IMG_3601I have very little emotion about this. I am incredibly neutral.  I am trying to be very present so that the girls’ and their transitions and emotions can land on stable ground.  I have to stay centered and balanced to absorb all of this, and so far I am doing ok.

One day down.

Pickle’s new hobby is walking as much and as far as she can while holding my hand. She is very easily distracted by dogs and rod iron gates.

2We have new streets to explore in NYC now that Phoebe has relocated, we love seeing the sights.

1Many more adventures to come.  For now, I am going to resist eating my 3rd (or 4th?) chocolate chip rice krispie treat–our traditional first day of school treat.


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