Iceland: Church

IMG_2415On Sunday we attended a tiny little branch in Reykjavik that consisted of very few members.  There were no children there, so my children were the entire primary.  There was a missionary couple there who had only been on their mission a few weeks, and the wife appointed herself primary teacher on the spot and spent 2 of the 3 hours with my girls.

IMG_2411We wore translator headphones for most of the services which was fun…Jason was reminded of when he used to translate on his mission in Austria 20 years ago and how challenging that was.  Our young missionary translator was very good at it, and it made us smile when he struggled to find a word.

IMG_2400When I attended Relief Society, the teacher was very patient as another member, Bjork, translated for her.  We studied this talk by President Uchtdorf….it was the same message in Icelandic AND English!  I played the piano for the hymns as no regular members could.  We enjoyed our time here so much.



3 responses to “Iceland: Church

  1. So nice to read about your experience in a small branch in a foreign land. Your girls will always remember this!

  2. Well that was so cool! I’m sure they loved having visitors.

  3. I love this post. Reminds me so much of the groups (not yet branches) that I served in on my mission. The Spirit takes up all the extra space in those little groups.

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