Iceland: Food

Iceland had a lot of comfort food: warm soup, waffles, crepes, bread.  At the marathon we got free popsicles that also appeared on our flight home.  I loved that the popsicle sticks were plastic (wood popsicle sticks are one of those irky things in my life, I hate them) and you could make them into a toy after you had collected a bunch—cool.  I loved this PISTACHIO CHOCOLATE Mousse situation we found in a local bakery! Lolly scarfed the rhubarb cheesecake!

foodHere is the asparagus soup with DELICIOUS bread I got in Vik:

asparagus soupOur hotel did not include breakfast, except somebody thought it did so we scored a free breakfast the first morning:

bkfstWe ended up eating a lot of toast….we refined it with some delicious raspberry jam and dark chocolate spread:

food 3That mango juice was SO THICK….!  The Icelanders like Banana and Chcolate in combination! JUST LIKE ME! I tried the granola bars and the chocolate with banana filling….. Pickle and I LOVED the granola bars (CORNY pictured in first pic).  I loved these Digestives Caramel crackers and any of their wafer candies like this prince polo and another one with coconut on top!

food 2One of our favorite adventures was getting free waffles from some neighbors on a block in Reykjavik on culture night. They were heart shaped and we covered them with jam and whipped cream and drank the chocolate milk!

IMG_2156One of my favorite moments was when Lolly realized Tomato Sauce on her spaghetti meant–KETCHUP!


One response to “Iceland: Food

  1. EW, I don’t know about ketchup on spaghetti, but everything else sounds yummy.

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