Iceland: Yarn Bomb

Reykjavik has a group of underground yarn stormers.  They don’t call it Yarn bombing there.  I was devastated when I realized that they yarnstormed a bus stop two blocks away from my hotel WHILE I WAS THERE! I could have yarn stormed with the mayor!

yarn bomb 1Check out the Bus Stop!bus stationIt was stellar.

We decided to leave a little bit of ourselves in Reykjavik.  We had leftover swatches from our Yarn Bomb Across America and so we put together  a wonderful piece for the main shopping street.

IMG_1819We installed it a few days before we left, and were pretty happy to see that it was still there a few days later!

yarn storm



2 responses to “Iceland: Yarn Bomb

  1. Awesome jobs, both yours and theirs!

  2. When we were in Zurich last summer we found one of these yarn bombs. So fun!

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