Iceland: Reykjavik Day 1

reyk 1Reykjavik is a colorful city with colorful people.  There is a lot of ham & cheese, asparagus soup and egg-based food for purchase.  I enjoyed two different asapargus soups, quiche, pizza and waffles over the few days I spent there.  And this amazing pistachio chocolate mousse concoction (perhaps I need a separate food post!)

Phoebe had traditional lamb soup one day for lunch and it was delicious.  I love the kitschy nature of decor at many lunch spots…it reminded me of home. reyk 2We found yarnbombing outside the tallest building in the city.  We were going to go up to the top, but never made it back to do that…next time.

Icelanders are not afraid to use pink-I like that.


4 responses to “Iceland: Reykjavik Day 1

  1. What a fun vacation! The girls will have a fun vacation spot to add to their list that many will never ever visit. It must of been really cold there because I haven’t seen any photos of you guys where you weren’t bundled up!

    • Kelleyn it was so cold. Luckily we had checked the forecast before we left so we had lots of good layers to wear. But, yes, cold.

  2. I really love their use of color on buildings….and now I really want some asparagus soup…….

  3. What great adventures for you! I want to walk down that pink bicycle street!

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