Iceland: Culture Night

There is so much to see in Iceland, and we did not have enough time to do it all.  We stayed in the city of Reykjavik, which really is the only city on the island.  One of our favorite nights was Culture Night.  This is a celebration that happens once  a year, and boy do they make the most of it.  The noise did not stop until 5:30 AM almost on the dot.

We perused the agenda for the day and hit all of our top favorites including:

Music and Waffles from the neighborhood ladies on Ranargata

Hula Hoop Contests in the streets:IMG_2329The Screaming Chamber at the Art Museum

The Photobooth at the photography museum (except we didn’t have krona to pay for our polaroid…boo)

Seeing the missionaries with their Happy Family Sign

IMG_2352Meeting Icelanders wandering the streets:



IMG_2369The partying continued long after we retired for the night.  At one point I heard fireworks, right as we were bedding down. I made the girls run outside in the wet and cold (Phoebe in the ONLY socks she brought on the trip–whoops!) and they saw a few light up the sky.  The fireworks (from what I could tell from HEARING them) are just go go go–let’s set as many fireworks off at the same time as we possibly can–unlike the states. The fireworks I have witnessed over the past 30 years seem timed to the music and explode 1 at a time for a well choreographed audience: ooh! aw!  These were just like CRAZY.

Next time I come, I will not miss viewing this display.

Our sleep was accompanied by super loud music all. night. long. The hotel rooms vibrated.  The Icelanders know how to par-tay.


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  1. I hate to bother you about this but I have regularly followed your mom’s blog for many years. The past few days I noticed it is only opened to invited readers only. How do you suggest I contact your mom and ask her if I can be “invited”?

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