Iceland: Wildlife

Okay calling it wildlife is definitely a stretch, but considering every sheep I tried to befriend ran away from me, and fast, I guess wild is a perfect description.

The sheep that roam the countryside of Iceland are so beautiful.  It was so perfect that the people wear the wool sweaters that come from these beautiful animals.  I was fascinated by the Icelandic tradition of letting the sheep roam free in the spring and then collecting them in the fall and sorting them.  It’s called Rettir, and I just hope some day I can return to Iceland to be one of the sorters, like these girls.  There are several videos online, this is a pretty good one.

A few of the sheep posed for me:




The rest just ran away:




Seriously though, their little bums when they run are hysterical.

The horses were much more social:


IMG_8842That baby! It still had wobbly legs!IMG_8837

IMG_8695Iceland is it’s own perfect wind machine….the horses manes always looked perfectly windblown in the pix.


One response to “Iceland: Wildlife

  1. this is so cool, id love to participate in Rettir too. I would totally be all about the baby sheep tho…can you imagine how sweet & soft?!! great pics!!!

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