My Loves: Summer

All of us:

Booty shake contest in the bathroom


You observed that all the newspapers in Pennsylvania were only about gay issues
(In reality it was not regionally discriminating, but USA news)

In tears over what happened to Amy in Little Women

Being so excited about the footage you got at the marathon and then realizing you hadn’t pressed record.

Being so tweeney– hesitating to join in on hula hooping– ultimately doing it

Delivering this line: “Too much math- not enough brain” We thought it was pretty funny–turns out we think you got i from a tv show.


On the plane to Iceland, when you woke up after 3 hours of sleep, you started over hand chucking the muffins the flight attendant had given us, over and over again. It was hysterical

pulling phoebes shirt now—looking for grub
Discerning between your sisters

Smiling when I said “smile”
Asking you a question and you nodding
And saying yeah

Taking up to 4 steps at a time on your own….you are doing really well!

How did Joseph know that fact about where Zion will be? (this while visiting historic sites, love the use of the word FACT)

You know what I like about Instagram? Going back and seeing all the comments people make on my photos.

Being so good at the duck call

One night I snuggled in the hotel with you in Icelanad:
Me: You smell like meatballs
You: You smell like nice soap

Not wanting to stay in Iceland (you had had enough after about 1 day) but getting into the sheep and the black sand and culture night

One night saying to us: “You know what they say about the middle child…”
and none of us knew, and then you finished: “they are the best!”


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