Iceland: Grindavik

Driving to Grindavik is crazytown. Everything is lava rock covered with moss for miles and miles.  There are these rock statues here and there that seem man made–intentionally stacked perhaps?

IMG_8731IMG_8765We saw this greenhouse in the distance.  We have seen a few of these here in Iceland…it’s not that sunny, so it makes sense.


IMG_8748All the towns seem to have little signs as you enter, and Welcome Signs too–often in flower letters.

IMG_8757The churches all have very vertical and skinny crosses

IMG_8753 IMG_8761There are cyclists and hikers and HITCH hikers all over the place here.

IMG_8744 IMG_8736It is FREEZING–these people are crazy, especially when they are going as a single.

IMG_8741This was a fun little introduction to Iceland on our way from the airport to our hotel


2 responses to “Iceland: Grindavik

  1. Megan Greenberg

    awesome! the rocks stacks are called cairns. they are typically used all over the world to mark hiking trails. hikers leave them to mark the trail for future hikers. not sure if there is a different purpose in iceland. safe travels!

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