Iceland: Gardur

I saw some amazing photos from Gardur on this blog that my cousin recommended, so I put it on the list as a town to stop by on our way to Reykjavik.  It was perfectly Icelandic and beautiful, but the weather was a harsh wakeup call.  It was freezing.

I don’t know where in the world I learned that Iceland and Greenland are actually opposite of their descriptions because the Vikings wanted to deter people from coming to their secret spot….but it’s wrong.  It’s freezing here.  I asked the receptionist at our hotel–Is this how the weather is all the time? And she said: It’s ICELAND! Like I was crazy for even asking that question.

It’s fine. I am so glad we packed for the weather!

Some snaps of Gardur:







IMG_8706I wish I had investigated this sculpture more-it’s beautiful.  I saw another one of two fisherman looking out to see in the same posture somewhere else.

1I love the little flowers that I see all over Iceland.  These flower boxes in Gardur were here and there along the road…so pretty.


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