Iceland: We Fly!

The secrets to traveling with the Posse:

21. Just stay present: Do NOT think ahead to how bad this could possibly turn out.

2. Don’t wean the baby. Ever.

IMG_1832Pickle went down for her normal bed time, but then we extracted her for the red-eye flight from JFK to Reykjavik.  She slept on the way in the car, but by the time we entered the aiport she was ALL EYES.

After we boarded the plane all 3 girls were just crazy loopy happy.  Pickle vacillated between loopy happy and tantrummy.  She fought pretty hard, but after the lights turned off and we were up in the air, she latched on and finally fell asleep.  I think we slept for about 3.5-4 hours pretty solidly and then she was up for the day.

That girl stayed awake and happy for the most of the rest of the day except for a few short but solid naps.  She went down at 7 Iceland time that night.

I went to bed at 7:45 and slept hard until Pickle woke up at 8:30. I think she cried for about an hour and then I finally got up to deal with her.  She would not go down.  Finally Jason and I just brought her into the bed and tried to ignore her as she acted like an individual high on illegal drugs. She was INSANE.  After almost 3 hours Jason finally laid her down into the “Baby Cot” as the Icelanders call pack n plays here and she went down for a chunk of time.

We made it through the night and the next day, so all was well….

During the Road Trip, Iceland felt so far away and impossible.  I thought maybe I had made a mistake booking both the road trip and Iceland back to back.  Now that I am HERE, I am SO HAPPY I am here, and would not have changed it for anything.


2 responses to “Iceland: We Fly!

  1. Look forward to reading more about ur trip….safe travels to the glasse girls and Jason!

  2. What a fun summer you are having! Lucky you!

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