Pickle: 14 Months

Pickle was pretty sick with Roseola on her 14 Month birthday, so she was not in a place to take pictures. We took these a few days later.

Frankly, she isn’t really in a place to take pictures ever.  I have no idea if her modeling career will pick up again in the fall, but others seem to have much better luck getting her to cooperate than I do.


IMG_8567I finally got around to cutting her hair…I think this is her 4th or 5th haircut.  The new hair coming in is white blond so her hair color is lightening up quite a bit.  These crazy smiley faces threw me for a loop, not sure where those came from, must be Jason’s genes.

Pickle now has 7 teeth and bites her sisters whenever she is displeased with their actions towards her (she definitely gets that from me).  She is still a major boob milk addict and I am truly at a loss on how to remedy that, which I would like to remedy 6 months ago!  She can finally drink through a sippy cup and a straw, so maybe that will help.

She makes standing/walking progress in little spurts, one of which she hasn’t had in a while.  I wish she could walk too!  She hates wearing shoes and hats, but whenever she finds her bow, she gestures to putting it in her hair, she hates having her hair in her eyes.

Words she regularly uses: uh-oh, Hi, Daddy

Words she has said and we are like–did you just say that? Baby, Phoebe, Ma-ma and she imitates syllables or rhythms often usually on DA

When she hears music she does a little shaky dance, which also showed up one day when she was drinking carbonated soda–every time she sipped it she did a little dance in celebration of the feeling in her mouth! To the haters: she does not drink soda on a regular basis, it was just one night at a restaurant and after we saw her reaction we just kept letting her sip it–it was not caffeinated.



3 responses to “Pickle: 14 Months

  1. She’s so cute. I vote for a pickle video!

  2. She is such a bundle of joy. Her expressions are priceless. I can see such strong family resemblance. She’s a vital part of your family!

  3. just adorable!!!!

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