East Meets West: Moments

Sidenote: I have some stuff up for sale on EBAY.  There are some cute girls clothes for size 6-8…check it out.

This concludes the East Meets West blogging unless Sam edits some more of our video–Don’t you want to see San Francisco already? I am so ready!  Thanks again for following along with us.


7 responses to “East Meets West: Moments

  1. i enjoyed following along this summer. looks like y’all had a fabulous time! i’d love to get able to travel with my kids like that one summer. how is pickle doing now? that is so very hard when they are sick away from home!

  2. Thanks to your for sharing your journey and being such a great example!

  3. Aiming for by the weekend. Have to get it done before school starts.

  4. LOveD it all!

  5. Hey Kristy just tried to check out ebay but I think they might have ended..is that right? Do you still have clothes for sale? I just wanted to check them out for big A. thanks!

    • Hey! It ended but I still have a few lots. I’ll send you pix and you can name your price and I’ll PayPal you— if you like!

  6. What an amazing experience, thanks for sharing it with us all summer long. You did a great job planing and executing the plan. Sad to see East meets West end. Happy that you made it home safe.

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