East Meets West: Photobooths

We happened upon several photobooths on our journey.  As I was paying for groceries in Brooklyn today, I happened upon one in my wallet and was psyched that we had seen so many !

Here they are:

photo boooths from road tripOur favorite was when Pickle selected I FREAKING HEART YOU with her foot unbeknownst to us….awesome.




3 responses to “East Meets West: Photobooths

  1. nothing to do with your photo booth post (that is very cool by the way!) but I was curious to learn how did you make your epic trip logo? and the bags bottles and stickers printed with it?

  2. Thanks for sharing! I don’t know how you do it all and how you keep it all so unique and fun?!! I have no idea how you can find time to squire it all in but I enjoy reading your posts and picking at your high speed bright energy! Keep on going and doing it mama actor! We’ll keep checking on your posts!

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