East Meets West: Temple Crawl

I had many goals for the road trip.  One goal that came to pass without me pre-planning it was our Temple Crawl.  We saw 18 Temples on our trip.  We were SO CLOSE to several others but I either forgot or it was logistically too difficult in the moment to get to.  I mapped out Cedar City, and I am really glad I didn’t go there because I had no idea that ground hadn’t even broken on that one.

Kirtland temple is a historical site and not a working temple, so that was the odd one out of the collage:
IMG_6720Here is a list of the Temples we visited across America:
Kirtland (OH)
Nauvoo (IL)
Kansas City (MO)
Denver (CO)
Oquirrh Mtn (UT)
Jordan river (UT)
Logan (UT)
Reno (NV)
Oakland (CA)
Las Vegas (NV)
St. George (UT)
Manti (UT)
Mt Timponogas (UT)
Brigham city (UT)
Winter Quarters (NE)

templesSeeing each of them one after the other and in so close proximity was so amazing. These temples are the most impeccable buildings inside and out. The campuses are kept so nicely and each has their own distinct personality.  I especially loved Manti and Logan.  St. George was so beautiful, definitely a favorite:

st georgeI have not been to the temple very much since having Pickle, and I am anxious to go again soon.

Photo tip: It’s better to position yourself a ways from the temple so that you are close up and the entire temple can get into the frame.  That was a fun and unexpected part of our trip. I am going to have these printed in small square prints and gather them together in one frame to display in my home.



One response to “East Meets West: Temple Crawl

  1. What a blessing for you to be able to teach so much to your girls on the sacred grounds of so many beautiful Temples.

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