Day 51: East Meets West

Miles: 8850

Haiku: Eight Thousand Miles of
America, the gorgeous
Home Sweet Home, Sweet Home

We set off around 9 this morning to head…home.  The night before Phoebe had been puttering around yahoo and saw a story about Taylor Swift’s former home in PA.  She knew we were in PA and asked if we could go see it. I secretly looked it up later and saw that it was pretty much on our way home.

After about 4 hours I pulled up to it and surprised them.

They were pretty psyched.

As we approached New York City, the amount of time it was going to take to get there according to google maps was just staying the SAME.  Jason called us a few times from the car. His normal 15 minutes commute home was taking forever due to a car fire on the bridge.  He sat for 2 hours until he decided to pull back into his garage and subway it home.  He warned me to avoid anything north of 14th street.

62We did our best, but it took us about 2 hours to go 4 miles from NJ to our home.  Oh my that final stretch involved watching a movie on the computer–something we barely did the whole time, and holding Pickle’s hand.

We really had to rally our road trip warrior skeelz for that last leg–rush hour on a Friday night with a sick baby was not how I pictured the end of the road trip.

 When  we got home I realized that Pickle was covered with a rash, which I can only assume is part of this nasty virus.  Cutting my trip 5 days short was a hard decision to make, but absolutely the right one as my baby girl is NOT HERSELF.

63Jason made us some signs!

The final stretch earned the girls some badges and I am so grateful to everyone who helped me by making the most amazing souvenirs for my

Bigs.Practicing Instruments on the road, Entertaining Pickle on the road by Bridget & Angela

badges 2

Yarnbombing by Ame, St. Louis by Alli C–so amazing!, Cammie Q made Kentucky and I made Haiku while KJ made Home Sweet Home. (all seen here)

I hope to make it to St. Louis and Kentucky again soon.  We also missed the REAL LIVE American Gothic House…this was on the itinerary as well. I SO wanted to stick to my plan, but really Pickle is a genuine Sickle even 5 days later.  Poor boo boo.

Friends, I have had to stay so present for this trip and this summer, so somewhere down below there are tears and relief and emotions, but I am just coming home and feeling neutral bordering on pleased.  Phoebe bawled and Lolly started playing and Pickle went straight to bed.  I could have placed bets and won on each of their reactions.


4 responses to “Day 51: East Meets West

  1. I have loved following along on this trip. Now I want to do a cross country trip. I am sorry it ended a bit short, but hope Pickle feels better fast and soon! Thanks for the journey, so amazing!

  2. I have LOVED following along this Summer. Thank you for sharing all of your adventures!

  3. Oh those faces on your Taylor Swift fans are priceless! What a grand finale! What a bunch of champions you are in your Glass Posse! Being home will be good for all of you! A monumental effort done in amazing fashion….summer on the road….forever memories! Congratulations!

  4. Well done Kristy!! It truly was Epic.

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