Day 50: East Meets West


Haiku: Grammy is with us
Pickle got a bad fever
Lincoln, Nebraska

As I took the bags out of the car and loaded them onto the cart at the hotel, I felt a cool breeze in the air that reminds me of fall.  And just like that, I have spent my summer, the last 50 days, seeing America with my girls.

Doing this trip requires so much presence, I am not yet grieving for what I have lost.  I am still here. Still blogging at the pool while my Sickle sleeps and my Bigs get that last hotel swim in before we return.

Today was 8 hours.  We drove for almost 5 before stopping, and after a short lunch, drove 3 more.  Pickle had such a high fever last night that I asked my Dad to give her a blessing.  I know that is what sustained her today and helped her to look just like this for the entire 8 hour drive:

58The girls were so helpful holding her hand when she stirred awake and offering her a sippy cup.  She slept so much and for so long that at one point I wondered if she was still with us.  Nose Check: alive.

Phoebe read every single card of Would you Rather today, which actually passed almost 2 hours of time.  Would you rather wear a visible diaper or eat all your meals with a bottle?  Would you rather wear heels camping or birkenstocks to the oscars?

Deep Thoughts.

Tonight I had one last event on the agenda to round out East Meets West.

Knit the Bridge.

Yes folks, the fiber artists of Pittsburgh have yarn bombed the Andy Warhol bridge, and it is fantastic.

59We witnessed a monitor with a little knit the bridge apron with her supplies in it.  She was making sure everything was looking a-ok.  Look at all the black swatches!  We left a little yarn bomb on the bridge, we were not the first ones to do so.  She instaed a pic of us which is great because you can see the city behind us.  Look at her adorbz etsy shop.

Lolly was SO inspired by the bridge, she committed to yarn bombing her house one day and all her kids rooms and on and on and on…  It was a tremendous finale to the itty bitty yarn bombs we left across America.

Tonight Pickle perked up a bit and insisted on feeding HERSELF with the FORK.  There are going to be many tantrums ahead for this little one:

60The bigs are enjoying their last swim right now as I write…I truly am in shock that it’s a day away from being over. Time is so tricksy isn’t it?

61Gah. LOVE these girls to the moon and back and a few more loops around.  How did I ever…….

Today’s not-yet-complete badge brought to you by ME:


Inspired by this.


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