Day 49: East Meets West

Miles: 7921

Musical: Babes in Arms and Oklahoma

We really didn’t see much of Nebraska due to our Sickle, but the Fairfield Inn we stayed in last night was probably the best hotel so far.  The staff was amazing and the room was so nice.

57Our first stop this morning was at Winter Quarters.  We saw the temple, visitors center and cemetery.  The sculpture of this couple standing over their dead baby was created by an ancestor of ours: Avard Fairbanks…the same in this photo.

56We got a late start today mostly because of the time change…it was a LONG day. I have never seen so much corn in my life.  Pickle was so sad, I spent a lot of time with my hand reached back so that she could hold my finger.

We had lunch at Perkins and Pickle ate her noodle soup in the cutest way possible…check it out here.  We didn’t roll into my Mom’s driveway until 7:30 at night.  Little Pickle was really bad by then so we just got her to bed.

I am so sad to say that I have decided to cut our trip short.  I am devastated for many reasons, including the AMAZING badges that blog readers made for St. Louis and Kentucky.  I will be displaying them somewhere in my office as a reminder of loyalty, amazing craftsmanship and future road trips.  I will also post pix of them on the blog.

badgesThis is for the better as we have an EPIC trip coming up next week (I know, I know too much for one summer, but THAT trip came before THIS trip), and I need all the Girls to be in tip top shape.

Nighty Night.


2 responses to “Day 49: East Meets West

  1. You are amazing for doing as much and coming (and going) as far as you have. Get Pickle better, and rest yourself, my friend.

  2. It’s a great that you listened and headed home. A rest in your “home sweet home” will do wonders for all of you. What an amazing summer you created for your family! You are “wonderwoman”!

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